Design and Development

Concept Design

Muralworks can work with an existing idea or develop a concept design in our studio.  We provide sketched and digital concept designs for most of our mural and decorative painting projects, often combining a number of techniques.  Once we gather all necessary specifications for the proposed project, we get to work developing the artwork to be painted.

By leveraging our illustration background with our experience working with numerous large scale surfaces, we can develop a clear concept for the finished artwork that is tailored for the space. Our artists communicate closely with all parties involved in the project, making revisions and necessary adjustments along the way.

Sketched Concept

Finished Mural

Digital Presentation

We can also provide digital presentations.  With our graphic design background we can photograph the wall or location that the mural or decorative painting will go.  We then import the image into a photo editing program and apply our concepts for the colors and artwork.  This allows the client to get a clear idea of how the finished artwork will look in the space before we even lay a brush on the surface.

Digital Concepts for Decorative Painting for a Church Interior

Sample Boards

For faux finishes and decorative patterns, we often provide sample boards to show how the finish will look.  This is especially useful when picking out faux stone finishes or woodgraining surfaces.